Valentine’s Day! When you hear those words do you feel excitement, joy, love, or stress and worry? V-day has long been the Day of Love, and it doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety or feel like your pocketbook will break to make it a special day (or night!). Also, many get lost in the unconscious gift-giving and buying (kinda like Christmas) and forget about the intimacy and connection of this day. So…here are some amazing tips, that, when applied to your V-day or relationship, can assist with seducing your sweetie on that or any other day!

1. Remember, the small things matter. 

Regardless of what day it is, you should always make it a point to communicate effectively with your partner. Taking the time to inquire about their day, triumphs, or issues and listening intently without being an “advice giver” is a great new communicative stance.valentine's day couple gifts
On this day, make an extra effort to make that additional eye contact, locking eyes when communicating, and maintaining contact in a non-sexual way such as hair touching, or back rubbing. Eye contact during these moments can be extra powerful. Another great way to show your partner how much they’re appreciated on Valentine’s Day is to communicate prior to discuss a fun activity for you both. Enjoying a meal together, picking up a class, taking a mini trip, getting outdoors for an activity all work as great healthy connection building ideas for a V-Day Plan! Not the activity type? That’s okay, too. Pick up some of your significant others’ errands or house chores, or do something else thoughtful that they would appreciate. Although simple, these small intimacies not only assist in building physical anticipation but also in strengthening the mental and emotional connection between you two. If this were the last day you had with one another, how would you treat them?

2. Plan, organize, succeed! 

We’ve seen way too many people wait until the last minute to pick up a gift or make plans for Valentine’s Day. If you’re going out to dinner–pick someplace new. This will add some new excitement to your night, but make sure to do your research pick a spot you both will enjoy and that will bring out that fun-loving, curiosity in each of you. Also, make sure to call in advance for reservations. Reservations definitely come in handy! Especially on Valentine’s Day…valentine's day bathIf you’d like to surprise your sweetheart with a gift, try and find something you know they want or need. Take them shopping someplace they enjoy or to do something they love. You can also shop for a connective gift like our adult Play Boxes! The cost is the same as your entire night may be and it will bring pleasure to you both in multiple ways! If you’re the “plan for home” type, make the effort to turn your home or room into a lover’s sanctuary. Our “Frequent Foreplay” box is great for this! Change up your room so its a fort for the two of you or draw a bath for you two to share! Flowers, rose petals, fur throws, & candles, can go a long way in transforming your space. Add a nice massage oil or some essential oils for a nice finishing touch. Remember, though… no effort on either part will make for a very typical and unmemorable evening.

3. Take it deeper than the poke. (No pun intended) 

Seriously though, anticipation is an amazing tool! It can excite, arouse, tease, drive desire, and increase libido. Maybe keep penetration off the table until you two are literally ripping each other’s clothes off. Our “Mindful Massage” box is great for achieving this! You can build up extreme anticipation and give/get an incredible massage at the same time! Participate in experiences that are erotic and intimate. For example, take a hot bubble bath or shower together, light some candles and get a drink, put on some music to shake your sexy self to, or maybe give your partner an arousing lap dance. Try to explore one another before any penetration happens, our “Anatomical Exploration” box will do just that. This box assists you in discovering different erogenous areas on the body using fun stimulating items. These experiences will not only build physical connection but a deep emotional one as well. This day is all about spending it with loved ones and appreciating them for who and what they are so live in the moment with them today and see how it assists you in becoming closer.
valentine's day couple 

4. Let go of expectations 

Expectations are great in some cases but for Valentine’s Day, it’s not the best idea. If you have an expectation of an amazing V- Day filled with gifts and treasures yet don’t receive it how do you think you might feel? Will you look to place blame on your partner or loved one? Or will you look to the one who held the expectation in the first place? Regardless of which partner you are or the expectation you have, just let that go. Remember just because your partner doesn’t shower you with gifts, 1000 roses, or endless oral doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Learn to appreciate them for what they are able to do for you and have gratitude that in this world you found another to share this day with. Even when you don’t get all those monetary extras.

5. Communicate! 

I know it seems like a ridiculous recommendation but you’d be surprised at how many couples don’t take the time to communicate about what’s going to go down on this day. Keep the line of communication open with one another that way you avoid those pesky expectations we just discussed. This way you both can incorporate ideas orvalentine's day gifts plans for what you want to do.
Trust us it’s better to talk and plan than to wait for a surprise that may not come, ending in disappointment. Remember, small loving compliments and gestures are always great to give to any partner. Try to seduce their mind more so than their body on this day. A long, deep, stare from across the room can have a tantalizing effect on the participating parties. If your partner moves closer? No problem. Subtly caress your partner’s arm, back, or legs to enhance the physical enticement. Can’t resist any longer? Move-in closer and seduce them with your lips, gently touching yours to theirs. Visuals and physical stimulation work great as well. Get ready like it’s your first date. Bust out your sexiest outfit, play with them, flirt with them, tease them. Get them built up and get them craving more!

Some final meaningful tips: 

♥ – Leave some cute post it’s in places you know your lover will see. Examples include the bathroom mirror, the front door, the car, or the kitchen. Tell them things you love about them, or write them love notes or sweet nothings.  📝💌 💝
♥ – Keep your communication open, email them, text them, call them, or message them. Send some sexy photos for anticipation or just send a simple reminder that they are on your mind. 📸  💋
♥ – Give the gift of you. Quality time together is the most important gift of this day, actually any day. So don’t forget the point in all the rest of your fun. As long as you have the opportunities to share in some time together, know that the love you share is an amazing gift. Shower each other with it and reward one another with all that attention to your love. This will make your Valentine’s Day or any other day an enduring success. 👨‍❤️‍👩 👩🏽‍❤️‍👩👨🏿‍❤️‍👨
♥ – Finally, just remember to have fun and just love! That’s what this day is all about, whether you have a partner or are single, spend it with someone you love and appreciate in your life. It can even be a V- day just for you if that’s what you want. Just remember to let go of the stresses that come with Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it and allow you and your partner to let love guide and envelope you on this day. Taking the time to remember these small gestures or principles will assist in making sure you completely seduce your sweetie on Valentine’s Day or any other for that matter. 💏💘

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