Let’s be honest, right now we are all dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19 in a unique way. Navigating it while at home with a partner might be bringing some extra thoughts or emotions to your environment or home space. We wanted to share some of the ways we’ve been navigating partnered quarantine with you. Life may be different for many of you and each of our individual situations will differ from one to another. Therefore, remember taking in information and then applying it to your life is up to you. You are the master of your life and body and you must decide what works for you and what doesn’t. Here are the 5 ways we’ve been navigating partnered quarantine.

1. Remember the Small Things While Navigating Partnered Quarantine

Keep in mind the small things in your environment that would assist you and your lover in staying connected. Like saying “Good Morning” to each other before you reach for your phone. Check-in with them emotionally, daily, to see how they have been feeling and if they want to share. Take the time to have deep thought-provoking conversations. What small physical gestures does your partner desire? Kissing, hand-holding, hair playing, eye gazing? Do it!! It’s important to make moments where you consciously interact with your partner. This remembrance of smaller intimacies will help keep the connection between you two.

2. Make Time for Personal Space

Right now, personal space might be more important to you than ever. While navigating partnered quarantine you may be feeling ok with the amount ofNavigating Quarantine 2 time you are spending with a partner, however, what if they want a little personal space in the day? Personal space can give us the opportunity to reflect on what is going on within us. Each of us is different, so the amount of space and the duration may be big or small. It’s important to communicate with your partner if you do want more personal space. This could mean 15 minutes of alone time. Sitting in separate seats in the living room as opposed to together. It can look like taking a walk alone, or closing the door when you use the bathroom. Whatever personal space looks like for you be sure to communicate to your partner your needs. If you want more time together that’s okay too, just remember that if your partner does want some time/space it’s important to respect that.


Navigating Quarantine 33. Try Out Something New

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4. Respect Eachothers Boundaries

With people working from home and now being around each other almost all of the time, it’s vitally important that we remember and respect our partners’ boundaries. Navigating Quarantine 4These can be physical, emotional, mental, material or time/energy boundaries.   With life being very different for many of us right now, we may find ourselves being in the space to cross some of our partners’ boundaries or our own. Perhaps while working you prefer to listen to music, while your partner prefers silence. How would you compromise so both individuals can feel respected? Maybe your partner likes to have alone time to check in with themselves emotionally. This constant time together may have put them in a space to not honor their boundary. How could you assist in supporting your partner with this boundary that you know is vital to their mental health? This tip isn’t just about holding and honoring your boundaries, it also includes how could you honor and respect those boundaries of your partner as well.

5. Have Compassion

Compassion in your relationship can be deeply therapeutic. It offers those around you the ability to experience feelings of safety, reassurance, and well-being. Navigating Quarantine 5Compassion is also something we must all remember to offer to ourselves as well. Being overly judgemental, critical, and disapproving of yourself or your partner can be draining and can cause feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety, anger and even resentment. Each of us has lived through traumas, some may be more difficult than others. You and your partner are two individual beings experiencing something together and trying to navigate it. You each may deal with the stress and fears that are rising with COVID-19 differently. Remind yourself that you and your partner have grown up within different environments. These each taught you how to handle and deal with stress and emotions differently. Honor the differences in each other and have compassion in those moments when you may not align emotionally or within your conversations.


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