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Let’s face it. Not all boxes are created equal… and The Play Box is certainly unlike any other. The Play Box wasn’t just made to make sex better, or give you a better orgasm—it was developed to allow for the optimum level of intimate growth on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Along this journey that we call life, we’ve been given a lot of information about sex that may have shifted or limited the way we view or experience pleasure. Imagine you’re taking a trip and someone gives you the wrong map… you’ll never reach your destination this way, and if you do happen to make it, you may feel stressed, exhausted, or unfulfilled. Well, here at The Play Box, we’ve re-invented the sexual roadmap, enabling you to explore your pleasure personality and discover endless intimacy.

After years of working with adults on intimacy, we’ve identified two desires that stand out above all others: (1) the desire for a true, unbound sexual connection within oneself, and (2) the desire to increase passion, strengthen connection, and intensify pleasure with a partner.

Many of us have little to no relationship with our sexual side, while others revel in it all too often, unable to find balance. Moreover, many people don’t even know where to begin to explore other outlets that keep that physical spark alive. Well, we’ve done the research and let us be the first to tell you, there’s no quick fix. Luckily for you, though, that’s where The Play Box comes in… no pun intended.

We’ll start with pleasure basics and work our way until we’re pleasure pros. Whether you’re single and looking to up your intimacy game, casually dating, a new couple, or have been together for 25+ years—there’s Always something new to learn.

Month-by-Month, Play Box after Play Box, you’ll be brought closer to your best sexual self. Not only for you, but for any and all partners, too!

See Our Sexual Roadmap