Amazon can be a huge money saver. With over 480 million products you will definitely have a lot of options to choose from. But when it comes to adult self-care / sex products, Amazon shouldn’t be the place to shop. Even if you can save some money. Your genitals deserve the best, non-used, body safe, products! And buying sex toys on Amazon just can’t match up to mindful and aware stores like us and here’s why…

Anyone can sell there…ANYONE!

For only $39.99 a month anyone can get a seller account on Amazon and list any product that they want! Amazon doesn’t verify products sold by third-party sellers. How could they, they have over 480 million items! On Amazon sellers can even sell products that are considered “used”. So, for example, someone who owns multiple types of used adult toys could easily create an account on Amazon. From there they can simply resell all of their used products to unknown Shoppers! Now, that definitely is the worst case scenario. However, trust us when we say that there are plenty of people looking to make money any way that they can. Unfortunately, yes, this is and can be a reality. Resold or used products can result in bacterial infections, not to mention that unsafe materials can cause bigger health problems! We recommend to just stay away from that waiting pool of unknown infections, materials, and products. This is usually our biggest turn off when it comes to buying sex toys on Amazon.

shopping for sex toys on amazon

Counterfeit or copycat…who cares…right? THINK AGAIN…

A recent study done on Amazon by secret shoppers revealed that over 70% of products sold by third parties on Amazon were counterfeit or copycats. What does this mean for you and your purchase of adult tools? This means that many of these sex toys and the materials used for them may be created without tests or regulations. There are various materials not safe for the body and some materials carry bacteria a lot easier than others. Also if you think that buying sex toys on Amazon means your toy comes with a warranty? Think again, it won’t if it’s a counterfeit product. Sometimes Amazon can be a money saver. Yet, when it comes to products you’ll be using on or in your body we suggest you keep looking, and not on Amazon! Consequently, Amazon does not check to verify that products are what they say or that they aren’t counterfeit. Amazon does provide buyer protection. However, this means returns, calls, and time spent fixing a mistake that you could have initially avoided by looking securely elsewhere.


shopping on amazon

The Best Products have Agreements

Here is what we mean by this. The best and top sex toys in the industry are made with body-safe materials. These materials are tested and approved for internal or external use with the body. There are a lot of other countries out there that make sex toys, but they don’t always use the safest materials. Some materials fall apart or have a slimy icky goo called phthalates, which acts as a preservative for the material. This also means that some toys could be used, returns or counterfeit products. So what did the best companies do? They created agreements with sellers, like us, to make sure that their products are all sold at a rate that shows they are the real deal. For example, if you look on our website for a sex toy then go to Amazon and see it’s only $9.99 instead of $59.99 it sounds like a great deal right? Here’s the catch, the company that created that adult toy won’t allow sellers like us or Amazon to price it so low. Why? This is an ideal way for you as a customer to know that it is most likely a counterfeit, copycat, or used and abused item. So when they say you “get what you pay for” in this case buying sex toys on Amazon can mean that this is most certainly too true.

Protect Your Sexy Parts!

We get it, most of us love to save some extra money now and again. Yet, when it comes to products that you intimately use no expense should be spared! Get yourself some good trustworthy products. Shop our store, ask questions, explore your options, and buy with confidence. Our adult store has changed the online buying style. Our “Play Shop” is extremely couple and feminine friendly and we have employees who are educated and know how to suggest proper products to curious and unknowing customers. If you have to shop elsewhere online make sure you buy from a reputable store, this will make sure you don’t get any used or resold items. You can get everything you want on Amazon just NOT your sex toys. We’ve got you covered from head to toe whenever you need one just look through our “Play Shop“!

Sex Tool Nerds

Here at The Play Box we are educated and well-practiced in pairing the right toy with the right person or couple. We pride ourselves on our sex toy nerds sexual knowledge and can always give you the needed backup in making a sex toy decision! We are available for you to contact with questions or concerns about a toy. If you are looking through our shop and have a question, Contact Us! What if you have no idea what toy to get but know what experience you want, We are Here! Get the best tools or toys for you and your partner and if you want to know more we’ve got you covered! There is nothing quite like getting a product that works devilishly well. That you know is safe and made with the best quality materials. While also handling with love right until it gets you to your ending! No more buying sex toys on Amazon, please! Visit our “Play Shop” and don’t hesitate to contact us with your shopping questions.

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