Incorporating Dirty Talk in and out of the bedroom can be arousing for some and anxiety builders for others. Some just aren’t comfortable talking out loud about or during sex. We want you to know that if you feel like you’re not part of the “it” crowd that’s using Dirty Talk while doing “it”, you’re not alone! But don’t worry, we’re about to cover some fun and exciting ways to incorporate Dirty Talk into your bedroom play! Even how to utilize Dirty Talk throughout your day.


Keep Your Lover HOT


During our daily hustle and bustle, a lot of us can let sex or the build/arousal of it fall to the wayside. Our jobs, tasks, errands, kids, or lives in general, become too busy for us to get a deep sex session into our schedule sometimes. Or perhaps you have the time and the satisfaction you desire and are looking for a new and exciting way to add some dirty talk to sex! Well, look no further cause we’ve got you covered with some great basics and expert tips!

One of the amazing innovations of our day and age is the ability to communicate almost all the time. At times this can be a distraction, but for today, let’s use it as a naughty assistant. If you’ve never used dirty talk before try reading some erotica online to get some good ideas or just try recording yourself to see what you sound like. This recording is also great for sending that special someone a little dirty talk surprise, sure to get their blood pumping.

You can also utilize dirty talk in texts or emails to express some of your erotic desires. Recordings, texts, and emails work great if this doesn’t come naturally to you, as you have the ability to re-record, delete, or re-write until you feel confident. This is a great way to keep your lover feeling desired, aroused, and looking forward to some Adult Play Time. Mental stimulation is a fantastic form of foreplay, and dirty talk is a great catalyst for that stimulation (amongst other stimulations ha!).

What in the @#&* do I say…

So you’ve finally worked up the nerve to use dirty talk, you have some ideas in your mind, start to say it, text it, or write it, and then it happens… you get stumped or just can’t figure out what to say altogether. Maybe you’ve never been okay with talking dirty, but we want you to know that it’s okay as long as all parties involved are consenting adults. Go ahead, let those naughty words flow freely! Have some fun and let your pleasure be heard!

Still nervous? That’s totally normal! A great tool to ease those nerves is talking to yourself in the mirror. Yes, it may seem strange, but IT WORKS! Write your dirty talk on a paper, in a text or email, and recite it to yourself in front of a mirror. The act of expressing your talk alone first can help ease you when you dirty talk to your partner. From time to time you may run out of ideas, but in those moments, The Play Box has you covered!

–       Talk about sex before you actually engage in it. Use dirty talk to tell your partner what you plan to do to them or what you want them to do to you. Utilize dirty talk to explain how it physically makes you feel or what it makes you think about doing with them.

–       Verbalize dirty talk during sex to highlight what they’re doing. For example, descriptive talk such as “I love feeling how deep you slide in and out of me,” while simultaneously paring it with a compliment, such as, “You look so sexy grinding on top of me,” works well for communicating wants while also keeping a hot and desirable mood.

–       If you get stumped during your dirty talk use the “Want, Doing, Feeling” formula. Describe what you want, what you two are doing or what you are feeling, use specifics that sound sexy to you two and be creative.

Use dirty talk to verbalize what step you want them to take next. This could be something as simple as a touch, a kiss, or a grab, or something more complex like a complete change of positions or the introduction of a toy. Just know that keeping an open line of communication during sex makes it hotter, more fun, and removes a level of performance anxiety for both partners.



Some dirty talk extras…

Getting what you want in or out of the bedroom begins with communication. If you’ve already got that hot, naughty communication happening frequently between you and your partner, then we challenge you to try our Erotic Communication Box with as little talk as possible – only happy, enjoyable moans and sounds. If you find you’d like to build your Dirty Talk Confidence, use some of the tips we’ve provided and check out some of the lines we’ve added below for you to start with. We all may like different things – it just takes time and communication to figure it out. Well, that and a little bit of dirty talk =)

“I love feeling how deep you slide in and out of me.”

Explaining what is going on and how it feels.

“You look so fucking sexy grinding on top of me.”

Building confidence while also arousing the mind.

Use others like…

“You turn me on so much I can feel myself dripping.”

“I want to feel your hands slide all over my thighs and ass.”

“I love when you kiss and lick my hot and turned on body.”

“Describe to me how good I feel inside of you?”

“I want to feel your hand slide up and down my…”

Using dirty talk with your partner can assist in getting them more aroused before sex. IT can assist in building confidence in and out of the bedroom, as it can make the recipient feel more desirable. This talk is also is a great orgasm builder and is so exciting for some that it takes them right over the edge. Whatever your style of dirty talk, practice using it with your partner to get better at the naughty bedroom convo.dirty-talk

If you can learn to incorporate this into your sex life, we promise you’ll have better and more fulfilling sexual experiences to come. Being more open with a lover about your wants and desires can feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, and talking dirty can definitely assist in relieving some of that pressure.

Give dirty talk a try this week, and if you’ve never used this talk before, another great way to start is by writing a naughty story about you and your lover. Perhaps it’s a fantasy you’d like to play out. If you already use dirty talk, maybe even a lot, then try something else like sending them a naughty voice note or a sexy email with some dirty talk to get their juices flowing. Take the time to learn and explore this aspect of sexuality with your partner and you won’t be disappointed!

From us here at The Play Box, we wish you confabulation filled with naughty words, loads of bedroom fun (pun definitely intended), and a life of endless pleasure. What works for you? Do you love or hate to dirty talk in the bedroom? Are you on the fence or open-minded and willing to give dirty talk a try? Comment below!


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