Female oral pleasure can seem like a confusing and daunting task. Here we have 5 incredible tips for you to use next time your jumping into some fun oral play! These tips aren’t just for the sexual response but also include information on giving your partner an unforgettable oral experience. So if you’re ready, let’s jump right into it!

1. Arouse her mind before you arouse her body.

This is the biggest and best tip for oral or sex when it comes to women!! Most women take longer to warm up then Males. Women can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes at times to totally heat up for sex and here’s why. Unlike many males, female sexual arousal can be influencedfemale oral pleasure by a lot of things such as the day, body image, mindset, stresses and more! Plus the female body actually shifts for the act. The labia warm and open up. Natural lubricant is created and the cervix moves up making more space in the vaginal canal for play or penetration. It isn’t just the mental but also the biological response that comes from mental arousal. So just try to think of it more like this, men are almost like a fire they can get turned on with a snap at times and women are more like an oven. It takes time for an oven to heat up properly to be ready for cooking. It really just comes down to each individuals sexual response and everyone is different. So take your time, and get her thinking about it long before you are ready.

2. Don’t go straight for the clit!

OK, the clit does LOVE attention and yes there are over 8000 nerve endings in there dedicated to pleasure but that’s the thing. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive spots on a woman’s body and going straight at it isn’t always the best. Before you begin with female oral pleasure play tease her first. Focus your attention on all of the rest of her body before you even get close to her clitoris. This will build up the female plateau getting her ready for more play. Focus on the lips female oral pleasure or labia, they also have A LOT of nerve endings and love attention. Use soft licks, long stroking licks, and playful sucks or nibbles. When she is ready use soft pressure or strokes directly above her clit or on it. A soft sucking also works well on the clit when she is a little more warmed up. Also making a “V” or peace sign with your fingers and rubbing them on each side of her clitoris works amazingly well!! This is because women have an extension to the clit which lives in each lip of the outer labia. These are called Clitoral legs and they can be felt when a woman is really aroused. Use the legs for partners who are too sensitive for direct clitoral stimulation.

3. Get ready to get down & dirty!

Yes, there may be little toilet paper pieces or some small natural odors that every vagina or vulva owner will have. Expect for the vulva to always have some kind of scent. This moist, hot, covered up cave produces different smells for every body. When things are working great for women downstairs they are more likely to engage in sex. Be understanding and considerate when needed and don’t hesitate to get down and dirty when giving your female partner some delectable vulva love. If you prefer squeaky clean oral then draw her a bath or get the shower ready and maybe join her in there for some super wet and clean oral fun. Showing confidence that you are enjoying her regardless of the smaller hindrances will help you both fall into the moment. Also, you’ll both likely enjoy it a lot more than when these things are on either of your minds.

4. Much needed G-Zone Lovin!


One of the biggest complaints we hear from female clients is how they aren’t warmed up enough before their partner plays with their G-zone. So here is a brief run over for those who need a refresher. First, the G zone is about 2 inches in the vaginal canal towards the navel. It feels kind of like the roof of your mouth and it’s a very sensitive and tantalizing area. Make sure you warm up your partner externally before playing with herfemale oral pleasure G-zone. The clitoris will grow in size as it becomes filled with blood. The labia will swell, begin to open and become moister as she becomes more aroused. When your lover gets to these points tease her. Slide your fingers around, inside and outside of her introitus/opening to the vaginal canal. The G-zone may be hidden until the body becomes more aroused or even until after she has had a clitoral orgasm. Use a “Come Here” motion with two fingers on the G zone, or just use firm pressure here with two of your fingers. Each woman is different so ask her about her pleasure. Is it too much or does she want more? Is the “Come Here” motion too fast? Does she want it slower? Harder? Or just rubbing?  Use questions like this to explore and pay attention to her body language as you’re playing with this area.

5. It’s gonna be in the clit!

Most likely your partner will reach her orgasm from clitoral play. Over 70% of women CAN NOT orgasm unless they have direct clit stimulation. Now, this doesn’t mean playing with the clit like it’s an episode of “Naked and Afraid” and the goal is to start the fire. The direct clitoral stimulation could range anywhere from firm pressure to soft stroking, or even licks and sucking. When your partner is reaching orgasm try to female oral pleasure keep the stimulation the same. If they are peaking and it changes up it could take them back to the beginning of the plateau. Which could make for a stronger orgasm but can also be irritating when your partner is so close to that point. Try your best to enjoy yourself in the moment without overthinking it all and use communication to discuss what is working, what can change, what stimulation is arousing and what isn’t as much. If your lover wants more clitoral stimulation we have lots of toys that are great tools. They can also give you a break or can change up the stimulation for your partner. Check out some of our top clitoral toys here.

We hope that this article has refreshed your mind or just assisted you in understanding female oral pleasure a little bit better. This short sweet and to the point article in no way encompasses what it takes to totally please and care for a woman so remember to talk openly with your partner about their needs, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This will assist in creating an open line of communication between you and will ensure you give her the female oral pleasure that will make her come back for more. If you want more fun sex tips, and sex education follow us on social media or subscribe to get updates to the blog. Remember to stay safe and have fun!!

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