Anatomical Exploration” is based on the mindful practice of exploring various pleasure points on your partner’s body. The human body has many different erogenous zones. These erogenous zones are areas on the human body that when stimulated invoke a response. It can induce feelings of arousal sexual or not, relaxation, pleasure, satisfaction, or laughter. The Play Box experts have crafted a visually stimulating way to play with some of these spots! Using our glow in the dark paints! Included in Box 2 “Anatomical Exploration” are the tools needed to explore these areas in a fun and arousing way with your partner! We bet you never had this much fun with sex education!

Painting the Erogenous Zones

Listed on your “Sound” card in Box #2 “Anatomical Exploration” are the erogenous zones we’ve included. Here we will give you some ideas for colors and what worked well for us when we played with the glow in the dark paints. Because we have so many different spots break the areas up depending on the human body. Here are our extra tips!

• Females using this externally on the body is best. DO NOT use this internally it will not be good for your vagina. Truth.

• Males when using this it is ok the put it on your penis. Just be sure not to insert yourself into any part of the body while painted.

• If you have long hair put it up or out of the way so it won’t get paint in it. Unless you want that of course.

• We recommend using a sheet or towel to stand on during painting. This way there is no post home clean up needed.

• Speak up to your partner about what areas you do and do not like as much. This will be beneficial to your sex life in the future.

• Have fun, don’t forget to stay mindful whether you are the canvas or the artist.

• Some spots you will love others not so much but you could experience everything in between.

• Pay attention to the feeling that each area produces.


Glow in the Dark Paints – Painting Color Chart

Here we have provided you with a chart that will assist you in painting the different areas of your bodies. You can always create your own or use ours to jump right into your creative work of art! We use certain letters or symbols based on the anatomical body that will stimulate in the best way. When painting, take your time. Do this with a mindful attitude toward your partner’s response, and listen for subtle pleasure cues while also watching body language. You can always Contact Us for questions. We hope you enjoy your glow in the dark paints.


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