Holiday Gift giving can create expectations of your partner(s) during the holiday season. This is a good way to set yourself up to be let down. It may even lead to frustrating holiday grudges, resentment, or arguments.

We wanted to get right to the important points of holiday gift-giving so, we’ve created this Holiday Gift Guide to give you some tips for this holiday.


Seriously ask them, tell them, talk to them! When people get gifts without communicating it can really just make any gift seem thoughtless and impersonal.

Take the time to communicate. Inquire about things they are recently interested in or talk with them about something that they may have wanted to get for a while. When you communicate in a mindful way it shows care, and will still be a surprise the day of, we promise!

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Think About What You Can Do Financially

The range of prices for gifts is endless. So maybe talk to your lover about what you can do for them this year. It may be a handmade coupon book or it may be a trip to Italy. Either way, communicating this will put into perspective what you are able to do for them.

Plus, it’s important for us to be mindful of spending, especially if finances have been a discussion for you two. Perhaps decide on a holiday gift budget so that way financial boundaries are respected and gifts are still given!

Get Rid of Gifts and Just Do Something Together!!

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With all the consumerism madness going on during the holidays maybe you just want to escape on a trip or maybe you just want to spend it getting a couples massage! Think of things outside the traditional that you two will enjoy together without having to give any gifts that may not be what the other really wanted or needed.

Also, taking the time to plan out a date night or getaway can be just as fun and emotionally arousing for many people. Sometimes a holiday gift doesn’t have to be a present wrapped in a box with a bow.

Those Give Away Kinda Gifts…If You Get One of These

You know, the gifts you don’t really want and give away later. If you decide to accept it, then please at the very least, show some gratitude. If you decide to go the more direct route, then simply let them know you appreciate the thought that went behind the gift.
Let them know this holiday gift isn’t something you’ll actually use. Give them the opportunity to accept it back by saying something like, “I’d love to gift this back to you so you can use it for another person in your life that you know will use and enjoy it to the fullest.”
Whatever rings true for you, just remember to be mindful of how you respond. It can be really difficult to be truthful about a holiday gift you didn’t really want. If these options don’t work for you, no problem! Just DONATE the items you didn’t want or don’t have any use for.

Give a Gift that Keeps On Giving

We have so many gift options on our site. Most of our tools and toys would make a great holiday gift. Pleasure products are gifts that keep on giving! Sexual pleasure and self-care can be combined generously this holiday season.

Surprise your partner with some incredible vibrating toys! Items for a sensual relaxing bath or some BDSM tools that perhaps you two have been wanting to try.

The pleasure, orgasms, and connection you’ll get from these holiday gifts are effects that will continue to benefit the well-being of your relationship after the holiday season has passed.

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We hope you all have a beautiful Holiday Gift Giving Season, regardless if those gifts are trips around the world or just a date night in the backyard under the stars.

Do what’s right for you to better your relationship. Stay mindful of your partner’s needs, wants, desires, and emotions. Remember to communicate effectively with your partner about these topics as well. We hope you find love and joy this holiday season, no matter what holiday you’re celebrating. Love and Light.

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