Have you ever tried Rope Play, otherwise known as, Shibari or Kinbaku? Shibari was derived from Kinbaku and means “to tie.”. Kinbaku literally translates to “the beauty of tight binding” and was the erotic evolution of Hojo-jutso; the ancient martial art of restraining captures.

The Samurai practitioners held the virtue honor in high esteem so they ensured their captures were treated with honor. As such, they developed intricate techniques to tie their prisoners. The higher the status of the prisoner, the more intricate the ties, and, thus, the higher the honor.

Why Rope Play?

Rope Play is most commonly known in the West as Shibari. Shibari allows for a sense of communication through the rope. Shibari-style rigging creates an aesthetic arrangement of ropes and knots on the human body. These ropes and knots perfectly contrast the body’s smooth skin and beautiful curves.

Like most areas of BDSM, Shibari requires a deep level of trust, especially since you’re being rendered immobile and helpless. However, it’s that deep needed level of trust that fosters such a strong relationship between the Shibari artist and the Shibari canvas.

Shibari rigging not only provides a strong sense of security and embrace but can stimulate the body’s pressure points with properly placed knots, very similar to Acupuncture techniques. Many people believe a Shibari experience stimulates Ki energy flow and transfer. The Ki energy flow and transfer will allow for many blockages to be released from the body.

Free Your Sexual Expression through Rope Play

BDSM: Rope Play

Lastly, this ancient erotic art form allows for the expiation of guilt. In our society today, especially in the West, sexual pleasure has been twisted into something that’s only talked about through whispers in dark rooms.

We’ve watched as social media platforms banish any type of sexual expression from their sites. Even though we’re all only here because of some form of sexual expression. We’ve been raised to believe there is some form of guilt or stigma that corresponds to sex or certain sexual acts. When you’re bonded and “unable to resist” this ridiculous stigma is removed. The removal of these social constraints allows for deep emotional, physical, and mental release.

Accompanied by the release of natural chemicals epinephrine, endorphins, adrenaline, and enkephalins which simultaneously contribute to drug inducing emotions. These chemicals create a floating sensation and increase pain tolerance. This can lead to an out-of-body type experience, better known as subspace.

How to Start…

If you’re looking to learn some of the basics that are necessary for Rope Play then check out some of these books in our Play Shop! The book “Bondage Basics” by Lord Morpheous is a great starter book for anyone looking to learn the skill and pleasures of rope bondage. If you’re looking for a quick and easy guide use the “Bondage Mini Book”. This guide gives quick how-tos and has images for easy reference.

BDSM: Rope Play Guide to Bondage

If you’re an advanced rope artist and are looking for something with more detail and challenge then use the book “How to be Knotty” by Lord Morpheous. Educating yourself and your partner(s) puts you all in a space of understanding and transparency. You can explore rope play with trust and release from that space.

What Rope do I Choose?

We have a few types of rope available in our Play Shop! Most are cotton or nylon ropes. These ropes are easy to use. They are great for beginners or for those who are still gaining mastery when it comes to rope play. Use these nylon ropes, “Ouch! Kinbaku Rope” or if you prefer cotton these ropes by “Temptasia Bondage Rope” will work well. If you are looking for a more traditional route then Hemp Rope is the way to play.

Rope Play Bondage

The original Samurai used Hemp rope. There were many factors they had to consider to verify the hemp rope was of proper quality. Today since we are binding partners and not prisoners, at least not any non-consensual prisoners, this  “Voodoo Natural Hemp Bondage Rope” will work great for advanced or seasoned rope players!

Finally, we want to remind you to get your SAFETY SCISSORS and keep them nearby and handy. This way you’re prepared to release your partner if they desire or if something doesn’t work as planned.

Stay Safe and Enjoy!

Remember to educate yourself on the types of play that you want to engage in. Chances are there is someone out there who has made it their life’s work to give to others the education they need to explore any kink or fantasy they desire.

Whatever you choose to do for play, remember to stay safe. Consensual play is a MUST and TRUST is a huge factor in rope play! Stay in the moment, enjoy the pleasures that your body gives to you, and release within the art of Shibari.

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