How We Get Down

The Play Box is definitely special. It isn’t just an adult subscription box – it’s an interactive tool created specifically for you. A tool that assists in exploring your Pleasure Personality and the path it desires to take. Society has developed a stigma when it comes to sex and our sexuality. At times, we got an overload of sexism and misinformation, and others, we got bits and pieces of sex education, but never enough to complete the puzzle.

Here at The Play Box, we recognized that people needed a fun way to explore their pleasure personality, break the taboo, and become sexually educated. So, we created Our Sexual Roadmap, a journey that brings awareness, education, and pleasure to any couple bold enough to take the trip. Our Sexual Roadmap starts off with light, yet foundational, themes to incorporate communication, bonding, self-love, respect, and connection. We then progress into the deeper, heavier, more intimate themes, requiring trust, empathy, relaxation, control, and surrender. Our Sexual Roadmap has the power to not only reignite the flicker, or intensify the flame, that burns within your relationship, but to empower transformation and intimate growth within you, as well.

Join us on this journey to bring a deeper love to every relationship through intimate awareness and more conscious sex. Month-after-month, box-by-box, you will learn, grow, and strengthen your sexual confidence and pleasure. Start your monthly journey here – a subscription never felt this good! Not ready to join the journey? That’s okay! Grab any of our already-released boxes here – and don’t forget to follow us on Social Media. Thanks for the Support!! We Appreciate You!!