“The skin, through touch, is the entrance to a universe of unexplained sensations for the majority of people. To touch the body of your partner is more than a pleasure. The contact is essential for the health of the relationship; it increases trust, creates intimacy, and promotes a type of superior knowledge greater than that of any of our other senses.” – Sylvia Patterson, Erotic Massage for Couples. This is Mindful Massage.

Massage Mindfully

Our Box Mindful Massage was crafted together with incredible tools that also work as toys for pleasure. We wanted to be sure that you hadMindful Massage what was needed to engage in the most conscious, exhilarating, couples massage, experience! Touch is essential to us as human beings and when you consider your skin as one of your biggest sexual organs, it can open up doors to your pleasure. The Mindful Massage Box is one of our personal favorites. It deeply connects us every time we use it. It truly is massage therapy for couples, in the comfort and power of your own space.

This Box was created with attention to each detail and by fully participating with your partner, you will reap benefits that exist deeper than the skin. We get so busy at times that we will forget to offer our lovers even the most simple touch. If couples’ took 10 minutes out of each day to care for one another through mindful touch, relationships would be in a contrasting space. When we engage totally within the moment of touching it creates a connection. A connection that reignites our sensual love.

This is the reason why we include a product within the boxes for each of the senses. When we experience the world directly from our senes and what can be perceived immediately around us our awareness shifts. It brings us to the present, and this is the type of focus that is required for a Mindful Massage and for most experiences within life. A massage can sometimes be more pleasurable than the act of sex itself. However, we’ll let you decide about that.

The Mindful Massage Video

This video was made to accompany the Mindful Massage Box. It has tips for starting, cues for when to switch and provides two different, relaxing tracks to enjoy during the massage. Additionally, this video is greatly satisfying as calm background music, meditation music, or to be used for any future massages! Remember to, stay present, move through the massage with little fuss, figure it out and move on, let go of your stress, relax, and breathe in the caress that your lover gives!  Namaste.


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