Let’s talk about butt stuff! Is anal play something you’ve been interested in but haven’t tried? What kept you from exploring it? Maybe you felt that because it has been taught to us that it is an “exit” for our bodies it shouldn’t be used as an entrance. Perhaps you have thought about it but don’t know where to start. We are here to back up your booty desires with our top booty basics for getting into some anal play!

Basic Butt Stuff

Yes, our booty is an exit and with proper preparation, communication, and lubrication it can start to also be an entrance. If you’ve ever had a partner play back here then you probably know that it feels amazing! The stigma around anal and homosexuality has kept so many from experiencing it. Ultimately if you are doing this activity with a partner of the opposite sex then it wouldn’t make you a homosexual. Only doing these activities with the same sex would. So you can decide where you are at. Plus the booty is the great equalizer, we all have a butt and we all can get stimulation from this area! The anal canal is not only filled with lots of nerves to give incredible sensation and stimulation but it can also provide great prostate or G-spot play for your partner! Anal takes strong communication skills and requires a deep respect for the lover being penetrated. When these things are included in the mix, anal can actually be a fun and orgasmic activity! So here are some of our booty basics and top tips to prep yourselves for some anal play.

Discuss Before

talking about anal When it comes to booty basics, we recommend that you talk about anal play before you do it. Especially if it may be your first time and you’re still feeling a little uncomfortable. When you discuss and plan ahead you can both prepare for the fun that’s to come. Discuss your feelings, let your partner know whats going on in your head as far as self-talk or fears. This can really help make the feelings not as intense. Be sure to discuss who will be the receiving partner, if both then discuss that as well. Whoever is receiving is in charge during the act. This means that if they say to slow down, change it up, stop, go deeper, or take it out then you LISTEN. This will maintain trust, respect, and confidence in you and your lover’s anal play time. You and a partner can also discuss silent signals, such as body language that might be an indicator to back off or give more. This also means that whoever is receiving needs to speak up for their space in the act. Let your partner know what feels good with words and absolutely tell them when something doesn’t feel good. It’s important to speak up and communicate with your lover. The giving partner needs to also know this may require them to speak up as well. For example, ASK them if you want to go deeper, or LET THEM KNOW when you want to stop or pull out. This open communication will only benefit you both and will assist in making you both feel more prepared for the act.

Eat Properly

eating for anal What you eat the day before or the day of your anal escapade may make a difference in how you experience pleasure. If you want to have an easier time during clean up and if you don’t want to feel bloated or uncomfortable we suggest that you eat clean, organic, healthy foods the day before and day of your play. In particular, we like to suggest avoiding, fried food, fast food, dairy, meats (if possible), and sugary sweets. Don’t worry it’s only a short period to go without some deliciousness. However, do what is right for your body and your health. Eating certain types of foods before anal can make us feel uncomfortable and considering the act itself may already do that we want you to be as comfortable and confident as possible. Take the time to plan out some meals or to prep the food you want to eat the day of. When you prepare mindfully it can really help quiet the fears that come up for many during anal. Plus, if you’d rather not have “shit happen” literally during anal play then eating the right foods is essential. If you want to watch your meals but can’t change it up for the day then avoid foods that you know cause you to feel bloated or have an upset stomach. Choosing to make this booty basics tip a priority for anal play can really make the difference for a lot of people. If it is a tip that works for you, to calm and prepare not only your body but your mind as well. Then why not utilize it.       

Clean Up

cleaning up for anal - Booty Basics One of the biggest fears we hear is “What if poop comes out?” Well, poop may come out because that is where poop travels through. However, if you use the bathroom, drop all your number 2’s, then use this little booty basics technique. It should clear the anal canal of all fecal matter and will give you the confidence to get into anal play squeaky clean! We recommend you do this in the shower which may require clean up, or over the toilet. First, you will need an anal cleaning bulb, these bulbs are made of a body-safe silicone material and have the correct nozzle for the water to escape. We have a few that we recommend available in our Play Shop! Next, you will want to get some lube handy, use it on yourself and on the nozzle when ready to insert. Fill the bulb with body temperature water and either lie down or lean over to insert the nozzle and then empty the water into your anal canal. When you feel the pressure rise and it feels like you need to release, empty the water from your canal and then repeat this until the water comes out relatively clean. We also recommend that you wait anywhere from 20-30 minutes before you engage in anal just in case there is any trapped water within the canal. Be sure to use plenty of lube and to take your time while doing this. After you do, you will probably feel a lot more confident to have some anal fun.

Use Lots of Lube

lube for anal - Booty Basics

Seriously, butt stuff requires lube! Our butts don’t self lubricate, which means dragging, chaffing skin, and/or micro-tears and abrasions.YUCK. No one wants a painful booty experience and lube will make the difference between wanting to try anal again and thinking it’s the worst act ever then avoiding it like the plague. For this booty basics tip, we recommend you use a silicone-based lube. Silicone will last longer than water-based lube and will provide more cushion to the body. Silicone lubes glide better and are smoother. Additionally, it doesn’t dry up and get tacky. It can be a problem for some sheets so be aware of that when playing. We also carry lube that has a relaxing effect like, Pjur Backdoor Silicone Anal Glide, it contains jojoba, which relaxes the anal muscle. Anytime you are doing backdoor play you should use lube. It will protect your body and make it highly more comfortable. When you use a lube put it on yourself (anus) you can also insert a small amount with a finger inside. Lube whatever tool will be entering, this could be a cleaning nozzle, a finger, a penis or a toy. Keep a towel handy for clean up and have fun. Remember that if you think you need more lube, you probably do. Wetter is so much better.

Stretch It Out

stretching for anal - Booty Basics Yes, stretching is an important part of anal. And if you’ve ever watched porn and thought “Hey, they didn’t stretch before?” Trust us they did, for like a full 24-hour period, they just didn’t show you. So make sure and play with your bottom to get it ready for penetration. This will protect you from rips or tears that may happen if not stretched. You can use fingers or toys, just be sure to use some lube with them as well. We recommend you use a butt plug for a few hours before. This prepares the anal canal for fun by drawing blood to the area creating heat and better circulation. This also gives you an idea of what it feels like. Use a toy like a dildo, that is close to the size of your partner for stretching. You can use a toy that has vibration as well. This acts as an internal massage for the muscles, while simultaneously relaxing them. Play with your back door for 20 minutes, give or take, all depends on your comfortability. If you are not sure which toy is right for you Contact Us to speak to our sexual experts and get a personal recommendation!

Some Positions

This booty basics tip is important! We don’t recommend jumping straight into doggy style or missionary for anal. Why? Because these positions give a full rangepositions for anal  of motion to the partner who is doing the penetrating. Which means some excitement or a slip could result in the penetration going deeper. We have a few positions that work great to start, then once comfortable can be switched up for a different position. Try spooning or you both lying on your sides. This position gives swallower penetration to the partner and can be great when working on stretching the body with tools, or toys first. Be sure to communicate what your feels are during the act. Another position we like is lying down flat on the stomach with one leg up like an ‘L’ or a 90° angle. This position also requires strong communication and gives more power to the partner penetrating than in the last position. Talk or try out different positions during the stretching part of anal play to see what you will like when it comes to having anal sex. 

Relax and Breathe

relaxing for anal Breathing is one of the ways our bodies know what’s going on. If you are holding your breath then you are telling your body to prepare to run or flee. If you are having short, shallow, labored breathing you are telling your body that you are anxious and fearful. When you take full deep breaths, into the diaphragm, and then release them through your mouth you are telling your body that everything is going ok and it can relax. This body hack helps during high arousal or stressful situations in life. It can really benefit you during uncomfortable or stressful times of penetration or sex. It also requires deep mindfulness and observation of self. When fully consenting, use this technique to calm down and relax the mind and body. Take a full deep breath through the nose for about 4-5 seconds. Then release it, through the mouth for about 6-7 seconds. This calms the nervous system. While also assisting us in being more aware of the sensations that our body is experiencing during playtime. Try this breathing exercise anytime your mind starts to wander or starts to conjure thoughts of fear and worry. We bet if you even just did it now that you felt a shift within yourself. It’s not magic, its science!

These booty basics tips have helped so many couples have an incredible anal experience and they can do the same for you. Remember that communication and preparation are important roles in pleasurable anal. Also, each individual is different, unique, and may require some of these skills to be tweaked or changed, do what works best for you. We hope that this article has helped prepare you a little more for some anal fun. You can always contact us with questions or topics that you would like to see covered in our blog posts! Come back to these booty basics anytime as a reference. Have fun and Play Endlessly.

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      It does take some preparation, as do many other things when it comes to sex, love, and life. It isn’t for everyone, and people should do what they feel comfortable with. Not everyone will like it and that’s okay, we want to offer education for those who do. Thanks for sharing.

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