Box 3 – Mindful Massage


Box #3 “Mindful Massage” is an incrdible way to engage in a conscious massage with your partner.  The Art of an Erotic Massage, is one of the most natural and seductive ways to show love and affection. The skin and muscles of our body are used daily in the outside word. Our skin comes in contact with so many various forms of energy and because it is so big it is one of the biggest gateways to sensual touch.

When you explore our “Mindful Massage” Box we are inviting you on a journey to take your pleasure, sensuality, intimacy and partnership to another level. One where you each are using different types of touch and sensory play to bring relaxation, excitement, and pleasure to your partners body.

The possibility to let go and trust that you are in good hands is welcomed with all of the ingredients within the “Mindful Massage” Box. It is not just a journey to sex and it’s pleasure, but a deeper journey across your lovers body, one that will take you both to a union of the soul.