Box 5 – Frequent Foreplay


Box 5 Frequent Foreplay was created to offer more ideas and opportunities for couples to engage in foreplay! Foreplay can make a difference in some partners fully enjoying sex and reaching orgasm. When you get this box you will have plenty of ideas to play both in and out of the bedroom that will increase arousal and attraction between you. You and your partner can better your foreplay game with our Box!

Get an idea with one of the date night sticks and maybe wear the vibrating remote control panties out too. Beforehand, set the scene for when you return using the rose petals and laying out the candy on the pillows! Grab and light the pheromone candle to sensually arouse each of you. Then use the Make Me Melt candles to tease each other’s bodies! Don’t forget to read your Foreplay Book before to have some good tips before you get back to the bedroom.

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