Box 6 – Orgasmic Oral

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Box 6 Orgasmic Oral will probably be some of the best oral fun you’ve had in your entire life! The tools included in this box will create fun and creative ways for you and your lover to engage in conscious and orgasmic oral play together! Oral can be a form of pleasure that not only works as incredible foreplay but that also can include sexual release when and if complete sexual engagement isn’t desired. Oral is also a topic so many want to improve their game on, and this is the box to gain it with.

Start by reading into your “Oral Sex” book! Grab some extra hot, and body tingling tips from here. Tease your lover as you slowly consume the candy underwear from their body! Want delicious and hygienic? Just use the flavored pleasure wipes before you get down and dirty. Looking to have some extra warm flavored fun? Or maybe some gag relief when doing deep throat? This box has you covered! Maybe you two want to try out different sensations and vibrations on the body, grab the Scoop and DownTown Stroker which works great for either partner to use! Want to know how? Grab the box now!

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