Box 7- Vulva Vitality

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Welcome to Vulva Vitality. This box contains items to highlight mindfulness, confidence, self-love, and pleasure. Each item was hand-picked to add some extra care to your self-love routine. This box was crafted in celebration of the Vulva and anyone who has one! Enjoy the products with awareness and bring focus to your pleasure, self-exploration, and evolution.  

Enjoy items to arouse and stimulate your clitoris. Use your vibrating wand to take yourself over the edge. How about a shower with some pH balancing soap? You got it! Dust yourself with an arousing edible diamond glow before you have some playtime or before you head out into the world. Also, don’t forget to wear your waist affirmation beads, a beautiful elastic band of crystal beads to remind you of your own unique affirmation.

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