The 6 Month Subscription

$359.95 every 3 months

  • A curated box crafted with exploration, education, mindfulness, and sexual pleasure as top priorities!
  • Our Rose Gold Subscribers get our best deals, discounts, and savings!
  • The 6 – month Rose Gold Subscriber is set up with a recurring rate every 3 months.
  • Our Rose Gold Subscribers also receive an additional 20% discount when shopping in our Play Shop!
  • We know you Work Hard so we want you to Play Harder! oh and to Play Endlessly!! 😉
  • Anyone willing & open to taking the journey to understand their intimacy in a new way is personally invited to join us.


Expand and grow your own sexual personality every month and recharge, deepen and reconnect with the best parts of the sexual relationship you have with your partner!


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