Any and all cancelations of subscriptions must be done before our billing cycle on the 21st of the month. To cancel or pause payments, login to your Adult Play Box account and click the “Subscription” tab on the left hand bar of options. You’ll then see a “Edit My Subscription” button, select it. On the next page, you can click “Cancel Subscription” or “Pause Renewal”. After canceling, you’ll still receive any boxes you’ve paid for and then your subscription will end and will not be renewed. Monthly subscriptions auto-renew on the 21st (depending on your time zone) of the month so it’s best to cancel by the 19th if you do not want to receive the next box. If you cancel your subscription after billing on the 21st, you will still receive the box you were billed for. 3-month subscriptions will be auto-renewed every 3 months and will be billed in the full amount on the 21st every 3 months. A 6-month subscription will be auto-renewed every 6 months but will be billed every 3 months for half the cost of the 6-month subscription.