The SVAKOM Cici is a great toy to use for clitoral and G-zone play! Cici’s curved head allows you to reach your G-Spot without a struggle while simultaneously achieving clitoral pleasure.

The ridges on the curved head of this toy give amazing stimulation to any part of the body where it is placed. Are you using Cici for couple’s play? She gives either partner the opportunity to reach different areas on each other’s bodies and stimulate them easily.

Give the SVAKOM Cici to your lover and allow them the pleasure of watching you squirm under the vibrations of this toy!

Svakom Cici Key Features

— Unique ribbed flexible head for use at any angle
— Small size, easy to carry along for traveling
— One button controls all your pleasure
— Strong Motor located in the head
— Eco-friendly ABS & ultra-soft silicone
— Runs 4 hours on a 2 hours charge
— IPX7 Waterproof
— Whisper quiet
Svakom Cici
Svakom Cici 30° curve
A natural ergonomic handle with a 30-degree curve that enables the SVAKOM Cici finger vibrator to fit perfectly in the vagina.
Flexible Enough to Bend 180°
SVAKOM Cici Soft flexible finger vibrator can be bent from 1 to 180-degrees. This bend helps you with finding the C-spot, U-spot, G-spot, A-spot, and even the P-spot effortlessly.
Svakom Cici Bending
Petite Size, Huge Pleasure
With a head diameter of 24.99mm, the Cici vibrator is the all-time best-selling sex toy among 20 something female beginners.
Cici’s petite design even allows some penis owners to be inserted into the vagina at the same time. Thus, allowing both partners to feel the vibration simultaneously during penetration.
Curved Vibrating Head
The 4.5cm curved head is what differentiates the SVAKOM Cici from the SVAKOM Coco. The curves of Cici can gently rub every sensitive nerve ending of the inner vagina.
The outer 5cm vaginal area is where the U-spot & G-spot lie. Hitting these areas with the Cici Soft Vibrator may assist with female ejaculation.
Svakom Cici Slim Wrist Design
The 11.95mm slim wrist of Cici Vibrator makes the swing of Cici’s head bigger and stronger to simulate finger pokes for waves of pleasure.
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