Nymph by SVAKOM is a beautifully strange looking sex toy with three tentacle-like arms and a round head. This toy looks like it could resemble an octopus or something from a distant galaxy.

Svakom Nymph in Box

It’s roughly the length of your hand and is easily maneuvered across your erogenous zones. Using this tool with a partner and a blindfold would definitely be satisfying.

Whatever your fantasy, this toy was built for tantalizing pleasure!



SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator also has a soft and flexible rounded head with a strong built-in vibrating motor. The soft, rounded silicone head allows for exploration within the vagina as well as external stimulation.

Furthermore, the silicone is silky smooth and feels incredible on your flesh! Use the vibrating round head on your pubis mound for an extra satisfying sensation.


Let the sweet gentle fingertips of SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator caress your skin. It vibrates, circulates, and stimulates your most sensitive parts. Bringing with it waves of stimulation to pleasure you. The Nymph will empower you to:

— caress the nipples
— stimulate the clitoris
— massage the anus
— tease the testis

Is the Nymph the toy for you? Check out our video below for a quick review of the SVAKOM Nymph and some helpful educational tidbits to enhance your playtime.

Watch the video NOW; click the image below.

SVAKOM Nymph | adultplaybox.com

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