So you are probably wondering how a couple of people got together and decided, “Hey let’s send some sex toys in a box every month.” Well to start, we aren’t just anyone and we aren’t just any “Toy Box”, our background comes from a long road of work with people on intimacy, sex, compatibility, sexual exploration, and love.

Starting around the beginning of 2014 one of our founders and creators started a simple job in a retail adult shop. Little did she know that only 3 years later she would decide to create a product that carried the potential for a sexual revolution. After countless hours and years of talking to customers, she decided it was time to take it to the next step. She wanted to give people a way to get a cultivated sexual experience at home. Just like she did for customers within the stores she worked for. With this, The Play Box was born! This decision lead our co-creator down a path towards deeper education on sex and sexuality and after some rigorous studying and hands-on training she became a Certified Sexual Health and Intimacy Coach followed by completing a Master Sexpert Certification. Shortly after she met her partner, who became a co-founder by assisting in building the business and creating structure for the giant idea in our Sex Educators head. He then realized how influential this idea was and started on his path to gaining a Pleasure Certification along with the original founder. This power team now together has over the last half a decade built, tweaked, and crafted this box to instill a journey towards higher learning, intimate understanding, burning passion and unconditional empathy.


We realized after spending countless hours working with couples that people wanted an easy, fun, educational, but discreet way to introduce new excitement into the bedroom, but a lot of people had no idea where to start.  So we decided to put all those “dirty little secrets” into a monthly box that will give you and your lover the chance to explore each other in a way you never have before. The Play Box includes education on the house for you and your lover to gain knowledge during these intimate travels. We’ve developed The Play Box in such a way that every month each new theme will assist you and your partner in becoming closer and will allow for you to explore and expand your pleasure personality in the comfort of your own home. We understand that desire changes, people change, and so do kinks, turn on’s, as well as the depth of intimacy we want within a physical union. Over the years we will grow to become more advanced while taking you along for the journey until you become your own sexual pro!


Our mission is simple, to use LOVE to heal the world. We believe if we can educate and enlighten couples on intimacy with their partner and within themselves then those individuals will be able to share various forms of love with others in our world. We’ve found that, and have expanded to share our form of love with you. We want to change the world one Play Box at a time. We aren’t just a box filled with sex toys, we are here to educate, enlighten, connect, and share love with each of you that joins our journey.

We know sex and the amazing power it creates can affect many areas of our lives. We are in search of the free spirits bound by the trials of this life, simply to assist in freeing them to the person that they’ve always wanted to be. We can’t tell you how amazing and transformational this product can be we can only show you, so take the first step on this journey click here to get to our subscription page where you and your lover can get your first Play Box! We really hope that you can fully enjoy it with a lover and remember to Play Endlessly!


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